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The gently rolling landscape in the Segeberg district invites you to go on beautiful hiking tours

The various hiking trails and footpaths in the Segeberg district invite you to a varied active holiday in the fresh air. Here you can simply stop, soak in the peace and tranquillity, breathe deeply and enjoy the surroundings. With the variety of natural scenery, there is always a suitable circular route for you, whether you want to go on a long hiking tour or just a short walk. Guided hikes and nature tours offer you some additional exciting glimpses into the local flora and fauna. The many unique landscapes in the Segeberg district, such as the moors and hedgerow landscapes, the Segeberger Forst and the Kalkberg, provide important habitats for numerous rare animal and plant species. Kingfishers, dormice, the Segeberger cave beetle (Choleva lederiana holsatica) and several bat species that hibernate every year in the largest natural bat roost in northern Europe, the Kalkberg, have their homes here.

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